wndrcast Episode 9 with Mike Dewey

Updated: Jul 26

Mike Dewey is a passionate content creator and producer, who epitomizes in every way, shape and form exactly what a successful creator looks like in today’s world.

Mike has candidly spoken on his platform about maintaining authenticity, staying true to yourself, and reinventing yourself while working in a public-facing industry; some very trying tasks that Mike has pulled off with grace.

When you’re just starting out with content creation, it can be easy to try and emulate the success of others. However, in order to stand out in a sea of competition and to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to develop your own unique strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd. This can take time and it’s certainly not easy, but in this episode of wndrcast, Mike shares some useful tips to help you develop a strong content strategy that will help you succeed as an independent creator.

Our main takeaway from this episode is the idea of setting yourself apart by being real and relatable; your audience will appreciate your authenticity. Don't be afraid to show your personality, and don't strive for perfectionism – mistakes are part of the human experience, and your audience will connect with you more if they can see that you're just like them.

It was a pleasure speaking about the evolution of the industry in seemingly unknowing directions, how to be successful as a creator, and most importantly, how to define success for yourself. Give this episode a listen below.

Time stamps:

00:00: Introduction

00:37: What has been your experience in content creation?

02:33: Why did you start?

03:52: How did you strike business with big brands?

05:11: Is there any other strategy apart from consistency?

07:07: How do you manage the business of analytics and data?

09:15: How do you develop a hook/unique strategy as a newbie?

11:52: How do you envision the future of content creation and video?

13:46: What is “Moment”?

16:10: What is your greatest advice for content creators and how do you define success?

19:22: Conclusion

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