wndrcast Episode 11 with Isar Meitis

Isar Meitis is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in the travel industry. Isar is the former President of E-Commerce at Tourico Holidays, the largest hotel wholesaler in the United States. When the company was acquired by Hotelbeds, the largest hotel wholesaler in the world, he became the Head of E-Commerce.

With time, he eventually moved on to start his own companies, Be the Stage and The E-Tribe; a mutually beneficial relationship-driven growth engine and weekly podcast. This endeavor has generated over $40 million for his clients.

Content marketing is all the rage these days and you’ve probably already seen by now that it works; whether it’s been through your own experiences or because everyone around you keeps mentioning it.

Have you ever wondered why it works? What makes content so great, and why do consumers respond to it the way they do? The answers to these questions aren’t just interesting, they can also help you develop your own content strategy more effectively, and Isar did a deep dive into these concepts in today's episode.

Time stamps:

00:00: Introduction

01:22: The value of content and why we should invest in it

06:44: Isar’s professional transition and motivation

11:42: What content creation infrastructures does Isar's company provide?

17:08: What content works best on social media?

21:24: What is the best way to market content?

27:57: How can content creators work with businesses?

32:10: Tips for content creators

34:01: Conclusion

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