wndrcast Episode 10 with Elona Karafin

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you're familiar with (and are a fan of) Elona Karafin. Since her first time on an airplane, when she moved from Ukraine to New York as a Jewish refugee with her family, Elona has become a passionate travel blogger and content creator, sharing her story with over 150K followers on Instagram alone.

Elona's travel experiences have taught her a lot about different cultures and how to find balance as a creator. By funding her own trips and working with her community to help others as often as possible, she has been able to turn her passion for travel into a source of strength and empowerment. Today, some of the biggest brands in the world are knocking on Elona's door, hoping to work alongside her.

In this episode, we learn about Elona’s journey as an entrepreneur, her philosophy on travel as a self-development tool and find out what advice she has for others looking to start their own business or brand in the digital world.

Time stamps:

00:00: Introduction

05:20: How do you see the evolution/future of content?

08:07: How do you stand out in a highly competitive industry?

10:56: Building community and influence online

13:22: Thoughts on using your influence to do good in the world

15:14: Niche-specific vs. going broad

17:37: Elona’s masterclass

19:20: Monetization methods

23:31: Manipulating the algorithm

26:01: Would you choose the travel industry if you were starting over?

26:59: Conclusion

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