Top 5 Travel Creators in Miami

Updated: Jul 26

Miami is a popular destination for many reasons, however, it’s primarily known for its incredible weather, world-renowned beaches, and global party scene. Because of the abundance of opportunity here, many of the top creators, both in the travel industry and otherwise, flock to its center to capture the essence of Miami itself.

Content is king in today’s digital age, as it’s a primary mechanism for storytelling. Content creators, then, are kings in their own right, with many seeking to discover the best of the best social media accounts to follow.

Well, lucky for you, we’ve outlined the top five travel creators in Miami who will be sure to convince you to visit this tropical Floridian city, or even better, move there altogether.

With many top creators globally, it’s nearly impossible to familiarize yourself with every single one. Even when you niche your search queries to travel creators based out of a specified location like Miami, the results are still daunting.

So, while we won’t be able to touch on every top travel creator in Miami, we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top five of their kind.

Without any further ado, below are the top 5 travel creators in Miami, Florida:

1. Beril (@activitymonster)

Boasting over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, Beril, otherwise known as @activitymonster, is the epitome of a Miami-based travel creator. She not only shares in activity-filled life, but also does so through the highest quality of images and videos.

Beril has also been featured in several reputable publications ranging from Travel and Leisure, EarthPix, and Forbes Travel Guide, and she’s worked alongside several notable brands, collaborating with the likes of Google, Zappos, and even Dicks Sporting Goods!

If you’re looking for a travel influencer or content creator to emulate your efforts after, Beril is a great example to look up to.

2. Daniela Ramirez (@nany)

While she’s considered more of a lifestyle influencer than a travel creator, there’s no lack of travel-related content on Daniela’s Instagram page. Not to mention, she runs her own blog where an abundance of travel articles are shared daily.

It just goes to show that you no longer need to stick to one lane! Instead, you’re more than welcome, even encouraged, to branch out into all areas that you’re interested in. It’s the beauty of content creation!

Boasting nearly 180,000 followers on Instagram alone and earning the blue check to boot, Daniela Ramirez, or @nany, is undeniably a top Miami creator, and for more reasons than one.

3. Dani and Nico (@twooutsiders)

Like most content creators, travel or otherwise, Dani and Nico have found much success sharing short-form travel videos on TikTok. So much so that they now have nearly 600,000 followers! Not to mention their mere 173,000 on Instagram.

As an intimate couple, Dani and Nico have found a way to not only capture true emotion in all of their photos and videos but they do it in such a way that provides viewers with a high-quality lens into their world.

Creating inspirational travel content both on their couples account and individual accounts, Dani and Nico have become authorities as one of the top travel creators in Miami.

4. Ilona Nesterova (@ilona_travelona)

As a travel blogger from Miami, Ilona has found her footing in the travel industry, providing several valuable insights through several streams of content. While she certainly posts content regularly, both on her blog and her social media profile, she’s also a professional travel agent, a travel agent coach, and Miami luxury realtor, AND a non-profit foundation ambassador.

Her content doesn't align with the typical standards of a travel influencer. However, thanks, in part, to her expertise, and in part, to her kind-spirited attitude on video, Ilona has been able to carve out her place in the industry, both in the real-world and online through social media.

5. Maria Tettamanti (@mariatettamanti)

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers in order to receive the sought-after blue check on social media; Maria Tettamanti, a travel and lifestyle influencer out of Miami is living proof!

With just under 40,000 Instagram followers, Maria has been able to garner a highly engaged audience that values her insights and opinions and enjoys her high-quality content. If you’re a creator reading this, you know that engagement is way more important than the follower count alone.

Sharing travel, food, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion-related content, Maria has somehow found a way to separate herself as a multidisciplinary authority in both the travel niche and several other niches at that!

The World of Travel Creators

Thanks to social media, the opportunities made available for travel enthusiasts to make careers out of their passion are unmatched. Whether in Miami or otherwise, travel enthusiasts can now share an inside look into their world of travel and monetize it simultaneously so as to make their passions one of sustainability and stability.

For those who have found their niche and learned the ins and outs of social media and content creation, the sky is truly the limit to what can be achieved. While you become more connected, cultured, and carefree, so too does your audience; that is if you perfect the art of content creation!


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