How to Go Viral on Social Media

What was once a niche and taboo “career” choice has now become a highly sought-after path for those looking to provide value, live life on their own terms, and make money while doing it.

That career path? Content creation.

Because of its rampant popularity in recent years, however, creating content, and more specifically, viral content is becoming increasingly more difficult, not only due to the mere saturation of content posted daily, but also because of the now high standards demanded from today’s online consumers.

While there’s certainly a recipe for virality, not everyone can reciprocate the results necessary to achieve a viral piece of content, let alone make a monetary career out of it.

With that said, just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean you should give up. After all, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it! In order to help, we’ve devised a compilation of information surrounding the topic of going viral.

Our hope is that by implementing the following tools, tactics, and tips on how to go viral on social media, you can begin to experience some level of success, ultimately achieving virality on a frequent enough basis to sustain a career as a creator.

So, are you ready?! Let’s get right into it!

How to Create Viral Content

Contrary to popular belief, creating viral content isn’t only a matter of creating high-quality content that an audience would, in theory, enjoy. Instead, it begins with building a sizable audience; you could create the best piece of content in the world, however, without anyone to view it, it’s all but non-existent.

Withstanding the necessity for a sizable and engaging audience, creating viral content also requires a strategic approach comprising several tedious considerations that we’ll discuss throughout this article.

That, paired with a little luck is, in short, the ultimate recipe for success when it comes to going viral in today’s digital world. With that said, below are 5 key tips on how to create viral social media content, whether as a travel influencer or otherwise.

Note that while virality is never guaranteed, and though the process will be a little different for every creator, the following are necessary tactics to implement in order to give your content a fighting chance at virality.

Know Your Audience

Failing to know your audience is not only a detriment to your audience in that they won’t get the content they desire but to you as a creator for you inhibit the level of success you could otherwise achieve by knowing your audience intimately.

Because it doesn’t take much effort on the creator’s behalf, it tends to go unnoticed and ignored; don’t be that type of creator. Instead, do your due diligence in defining your audience, understanding their needs, interests, and desires, and creating the content most relevant and relatable to said audience.

By knowing your audience and what they want, you can create content that resonates deeply with them, and on an emotional level if your content is really good. In short, knowing your audience allows you as a creator to build a more accurate and honest connection with them.

At the end of the day, that’s all you can ask for; the rest will work itself out. This brings us to our next tip.

Be Authentic, Relevant and Relatable

In today’s digital world, consumers value authenticity and transparency more than ever. Not only can they see through the b***s*** but they’ll have no hesitation in disregarding you if they recognize any level of inauthenticity or deceit.

As far as relevancy and relatability go, it’s imperative for them to shine through your content, for this is what will ultimately be the attention grabber. Don’t overthink your content. Instead, remain yourself, seek to create the highest quality of content that you can, provide value, and above all else, be relatable.

Elicit True Emotion

As mentioned in tip #1, building an honest connection on a deeper emotional level is the ultimate recipe for virality. The good news for you as a creator is that it doesn’t matter which emotion you elicit, whether excitement, happiness, inspiration, sadness, ecstasy, nostalgia or otherwise.

Additionally, once you know your audience, it becomes that much easier to create an emotional piece of content, for you know what they like and dislike. By implementing an emotional hook, or at the very least, an emotional undertone into your video content, you drastically increase the likelihood of resonating with your audience, thus resulting in them viewing, liking, and sharing it at greater intervals!

As a creator, you know that these metrics are, in essence, what drives a piece of content to virality.

Consider All Social Media Platforms

In today’s competitive online ecosystem, becoming relevant on one social media platform isn’t enough to go viral. Instead, several platforms are required in order to reach the sizable audience necessary for definitive virality.

Whether it’s recycling content across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, or creating unique pieces of content for each, considering all platforms as part of your strategy is an all but necessary step to building a worthy audience and achieving virality.

Not to mention, there are different audience types and demographics across platforms, each with their own interests, needs, and desires. As such, it’s important to note that different pieces of content go viral depending on the platform that you’re posting on.

Simply put, by failing to post on as many platforms as you can, not only are you limiting your opportunities to go viral but you’re missing out on millions of potential eyes that would otherwise be able to view your content.

Follow a Comprehensive Campaign Strategy

While this is quite the broad tip at first glance, it’s arguably the most necessary tip of them all. Put your listening hat on, however, for there are several considerations when it comes to creating a comprehensive campaign strategy.

Now, you might be wondering what entails a comprehensive campaign strategy. As you can likely predict, it’s not as simple as clicking “post”.

Instead, it involves email campaigns, paid media ads, organic strategies that promote the liking and sharing of said content, and even the encouragement of UGC, or user-generated content.

Other important considerations when curating a comprehensive content strategy that lends itself to virality is understanding when the right times to post are, what platforms to post on, what type of content to post (photo, infographic, short-form video, long-form video, etc), and what influencers, if any, to involve in any given campaign to further drive traffic and buzz.

It’s Time to Go Viral!

From the outside looking in, virality seemingly happens overnight. Quite the opposite is true, however, for it requires a deep understanding of both audiences and social media tactics at large, whilst also requiring the creation and implementation of a comprehensive campaign strategy.