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Why is Your Video Featured on wndr?

wndr is a search engine indexing publicly available videos to help travelers discover different destinations around the world.

The videos are embedded on wndr, so every time someone watches the video on wndr, it counts as a view on TikTok or YouTube. wndr viewers have the ability to follow the creators of any video, as all of them are linked back to their original platform.

The embed function is provided by the video platforms themselves; the videos are not copied, downloaded or stored on our servers.

The wndr mission is to help travelers find great experiences around the world through short videos, while also helping digital content creators get their YouTube and/or TikTok videos and profiles in front of audiences they may not have otherwise found.


What Is an Embedded Video?

Embedded videos are a way to share videos from different platforms (in our case, YouTube and TikTok). Video views continue to be counted by the respective platforms, and viewers have access to the creator's profile on the platforms themselves; the videos are not downloaded or changed in any way.

Are We Making Money From Your Videos?

wndr doesn't make any money off of any of the videos you've created. 

We do, however, want to help YOU make money. We offer monetization plans for verified creators who upload their content directly on wndr.


So, What's in It For You?

Targeted Audience

Bring your videos to people searching specifically for travel content, enabling you to lead and influence new audiences.

More Views

Views of wndr's embedded videos increase the view count on the platform where your video was originally posted.

New Followers

Gain followers who may not have come across your videos on TikTok or YouTube on their own.

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